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Top 50 Most Trustworthy Company of the Year

Author: Russell Health, Inc.

Willowbrook, IL, Monday, September 27, 2021- Based in Willowbrook, Illinois, Russell Health is a national marketer and distributor of specialty medical products and services. Russell Health, Inc., was recently awarded as the “Top 50 Most Trustworthy Company of the Year” by The Silicon Review. Based in Hamilton, New Jersey, The Silicon Review’s mission ‘focuses on exalting the contribution of leaders who have been voted by their customers as the most trustworthy.’ Their 2021 Top 50 list features a collection of leaders across industries like medical technology, finance, marketing, blockchain solutions, industrial fabrication, and more. Read more here

Russell Health’s full-page feature presents an article titled, “Russell Health Is the Name behind Life-Changing Regenerative Therapy Products.” It discusses the history of Russell Health Inc., ongoing research and benefits of Human Tissue Therapy, and well-defined commentary about how Russell Health has redefined the medicine market, and provided transparency within an ever changing marketplace. Read Russell Health’s featured article here

About Russell Health: Russell Health and its partners have distributed regenerative therapy products nationwide and achieved profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas including cosmetics, wound care, pain management, podiatry, orthopedic, dentistry and gynecology. With their partners and suppliers, they work to provide innovative life-changing and sustaining products and therapies to patients and healthcare providers around the world.

Russell Health’s products are intended for homologous use to help repair, reconstruct or supplement the patient’s joints or soft tissue as well as help to increase mobility while decreasing pain. These responsibly sourced acellular tissue allografts are helping people of all ages to recover from injuries and get their life back.

Pull Quotes:

“Ethical business operations are very important to succeed, while unethical behavior can be immensely damaging to a business. We at Russell Health are always ensuring that each and every one of our employees strives
for both high-quality service and ethical behavior that includes honesty, fairness, integrity and understanding.” (Ryan Salvino, CEO of Russell Health)

“Russell Health distinguishes itself from the competitors with an innovative and superior-quality bouquet of
services. The team at Russell Health has been committed to ensuring the best client experience since the beginning. Consequently, the company experienced organic growth within just a few months of its inception and it has been escalating quickly since that time. All of these factors have contributed to making Russell Health the national distributor of safe and effective regenerative therapy products.” (The Silicon Review)

Human Tissue Therapy

Acellular minimally manipulated tissue allografts are utilized to help treat a wide variety of conditions and are shown to help the body boost its ability to heal itself. The allografts help promote the body’s own healing process to assist in the reconstruction and regeneration of injured tissue. This can lead to an alleviation of pain, and a quick recovery.