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We provide the highest quality Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® products to help your body heal itself quickly, painlessly, and effectively.

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®

Conditions Treated

Acellular minimally manipulated tissue allografts are utilized to help treat a wide variety of conditions. Click one of the areas to learn more about how tissue allograft injections can help regenerate new healthy tissue.

WHAT ARE tissue allografts?

A safe and effective form of regenerative therapy.

Acellular minimally manipulated tissue allografts have shown to help the body boost its ability to heal itself. The allografts help promote the body’s own healing process to assist in the reconstruction and regeneration of injured tissue. This can lead to an alleviation of pain, and a quick recovery.

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The customer service from the company has been exceptional. Russell Health is easily reachable by phone and always happy to provide guidance as needed.”

Yula Indeyeva, M.D.

Facial and Reconstructive Surgery, McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic

“Great service and products!”

Dr. Khanh Nguuyen

Austin Regenerative Therapy

“Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® is God’s gift. I am so thankful I received the injection instead of having surgery done to my knee!”

Charlotte P.

Stem Cell Recruitment Patient, Orthopedic Specialists

“As a surgeon for the past 35 years it comes as a great relief to me that a simple and yet powerful injection can keep them out of surgery.”

- Dr. Kevin Salvino, DPM

Hinsdale Foot & Ankle Specialist

“I have been very pleased with the use of Stem Cell Recruitment Facial™ in terms of patient comfort and results. It is quick and easy to prepare, significantly cutting down on the procedure time. I have used it in conjunction with microneedling and radio frequency, for acne scarring as well as addressing rhytids and skin laxity.”

Yula Indeyeva, M.D.

Facial and Reconstructive Surgery, McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic

“My shoulder pain that used to wake me up at night is no longer there and my golf swing has improved.”

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™ Patient

“Russell Health and their marketing program has increased my new patient traffic immensely over the last year! I saw two patients yesterday that got referred to me from their friends and those friends came from the Russell Health newspaper advertisement. So there is a “branching” effect from the ads. Thank you!”

Stacie Grossfeld

MD, Orthopedic Specialist

“I received my first injection about a year ago. The recovery has been amazing my former torn rotator cuff has now become a non-issue in my life. I tell everyone in pain about stem cell recruitment. It has certainly changed my life.”

- Duane D.

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™ Patient

“I cannot believe how much better my foot feels since I got my Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™ injection into my plantar fascia for my plantar fasciitis. I had tried PT, orthotics, night splint, NSAIDS, cortisone injections and a PRP injection. It was not until I got the Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™ injection that my chronic pain went away.”

Stem Cell Recruitment Patient

Orthopaedic Specialists

“I have received the PRP and the Stem Cell Recruitment Facial™, both are great. But after the (SCR) Facial, my skin is glowing, has smaller pores and my skin texture has much improved. Definitely will do it again.”

Teri P.

(SCR) Facial Patient, Skin Therapy

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Why choose Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®?

Quick Recovery

Return to everyday, non-high impact activities, within 24-48 hours.

Powerful Treatment

Tissue allografts target inflammation in the body and help to regenerate and rebuild new, healthy tissue.

Safe & Drug Free

Tissue allografts contain a number of growth factors and other endogenously synthesized molecules.

Convenient & Painless

Standard treatment is one 15-minute office visit and just a single injection or application.


A safe and effective treatment. Founded on science, proven by results.

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