Human Tissue Therapy Cosmetics

Supplementation and repair of skin tissue.

Human Tissue Therapy Cosmetic products utilizes naturally occurring acellular tissue allografts to help signal the body’s healing components to reconstruct and rebuild the body’s injured tissue. The acellular tissue allograft contains a naturally occurring extracellular matrix (ECM) comprised of fibrous proteins that provide structural support for tissue regeneration, such as skin. By using a combination of growth factors and other endogenously synthesized molecules, Human Tissue Therapy products support the body with the repair, reconstruction and supplementation of the recipient’s tissues.

The acellular tissue allograft surrounds a baby during pregnancy and has evolved over the months to create the ideal environment for fetal development. Russell Health’s tissue bank sources the acellular tissue allograft from full-term C-section mothers who agree to donate their acellular tissue allograft to help others. All donors comply with our tissue bank’s extensive screening policy to ensure the tissue allograft is safe for patient use.

Benefits of Human Tissue Therapy

The biological components in an acellular tissue allograft help to facilitate collagen production, healthy circulation, antioxidant activity and cellular renewal. Physicians have also reported that this ground-breaking therapy helps to diminish the appearance of post acne scarring and soothe skin traumas. The acellular tissue allograft will not clog pores, leave a greasy feel or irritate sensitive skin.

“Fountain of Youth” Protein in Acellular Tissue Allograft

The Growth Differentiation Factor 11 (GDF11) in the acellular tissue allograft is being referred to as the “Fountain of Youth” protein by researchers at Harvard. A recent study showed that a protein called GDF11 helps explain why young blood can rejuvenate several tissues, such as dermal tissues.

Physicians have reported the following:

  • Improved coloration of skin (skin pigmentation) and definition of jawline.
  • Diminish appearance of post acne scarring and telangiectasias.
  • Improved laxity of facial skin.
  • Reduced skin lines around eyes and upper lip.
  • Softer and improved skin texture.

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by Yula Indeyeva, M.D.