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Russell Health® is the global premier marketer and distributor of human amniotic tissue. Russell Health® and its partners have distributed amniotic fluid and grafts nationwide and achieved profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas including cosmetics, wound care, dentistry, podiatry, orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and urology. With this groundbreaking human amniotic offering that promotes bioactive healing, Russell Health® believes its unmatched knowledge and superior processing of amniotic tissue strategically positions us to become the leader in regenerative medicine.

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Amniotic Lines Assigned Q-Codes for Product Reimbursement

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) established code Q4173 for the Amniotic®Membrane and XPlus Membrane family of products, per square centimeter. Code Q4174 was established for Amniotic® Flow cryopreserved liquid, 0.36 mg per 0.25 cc. Recently, Amniotic Flow has been receiving coverage by most insurances for joint and wound care injections.

Our Product Line

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy

Amniotic Fluid Injections is a powerful treatment, helping the body boost its ability to heal itself, by recruiting the body’s stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. It is administered through a single injection of Human Amniotic Fluid, AF. Developed using a proprietary process, our Amniotic Fluid Injections are convenient and versatile liquid allografts that are derived from donated human placental amniotic fluid. These safe, drug-free injections contain growth factors and other naturally occurring nutrients which encourage cellular and soft tissue regeneration and reconstruction.

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy

Stem Cell Recruitment Facial

Stem Cell Recruitment Facial utilizes minimally invasive technique that dramatically improves the appearance of aging, damaged, and post-procedure skin with cryopreserved amniotic fluid. The biological components in amniotic fluid stimulates collagen production, healthy circulation, antioxidant activity and cellular renewal. It is excellent for use after clinical skin procedures to shorten downtime, speed healing and improve end results. This ground-breaking therapy also helps to diminish the appearance of rosacea, soothe skin traumas associated with first-degree burns and reduce post-procedural discomfort associated with chemical peels, surgery and laser treatments. The pure, clean-smelling amniotic fluid will not clog pores, leave a greasy feel or irritate sensitive skin.

Stem Cell Recruitment Facelift

Stem Cell Recruitment Facelift utilizes a deep needling technique that dramatically improves the appearance of aging, damaged, and post-procedure skin. A deeper penetration of amniotic fluid into the epidermal layers of the skin, results in longer lasting effects, tightening of the skin elasticity and skin rehydration. Leaving the skin looking radiant, plump and revitalized.
Amniotic fluid contains collagen, cytokines, chemokines, growth factors and hyaluronan working together within the matrix to regulate inflammation, maximize communication, and initiate cell regrowth within the epidermal layers of the skin. This naturally formed mixture of bioactive molecules is then injected into damaged skin, a new 3D structure of regenerated healthy skin is created.

Stem Cell Recruitment Hair Regrowth

Stem Cell Recruitment Hair Regrowth is administered using Amniotic Fluid, which is a natural, cutting-edge solution that targets the source of many hair loss conditions by rejuvenating the scalp and is designed to restore the normal growth cycle of hair follicles without side effects that is safe for both men and women with thinning hair conditions. The Growth Factors in the Amniotic Fluid are specifically selected to achieve maximum penetration and benefits to the scalp.


Donor tissue is recovered using one of the safest recovery techniques and sterile equipment to minimize any bioburden contamination. Amniotic tissues are procured through a network of qualified and trained recovery partners, following stringent screening and recovery protocols in a highly controlled processing environment. All tissues are processed aseptically. Communicable disease testing is performed by an FDA registered and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA Certified) laboratory. Donor blood sample is taken prior to or at the time of recovery and tested for HBsAg, HBcAb, HCVAb, HIV1/2 Ab, HCV NAT, HIV NAT, HBV NAT, RPR/STS, WNV, and HTLV I/II. Allografts are subjected to stringent USP testing prior to release

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