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Study Shows Positive Clinical Outcomes: Amniotic Fluid for Osteoarthritis

Author: William James

Study Review: Clinical Use of Amniotic Fluid Injection for Osteoarthritis

Intra-articular amniotic fluid instillation is a method of treatment in advanced osteoarthritis when the patient is not getting any relief with conservative treatments. The long-term follow-up result of this type of Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™ justifies its procedural superiority over the commonly practiced intra-articular corticosteroid treatments.

Results of Study

According to Clinical Use of Amniotic Fluid in Osteoarthritis: A Source of Cell Therapy study, it is the first global report on a clinical comparison of the effect of amniotic fluid cell therapy and the impact of standard intraarticular palliative treatment in case of varying degrees of osteoarthritis-induced degenerated knee joints.

In the study, results after a knee injection of amniotic fluid showed longer lasting results and decrease of pain each month. The study stated, “the benefit of treatment was sustained at the end of the third month in Group B particularly, with mean 80.76% in the amniotic fluid-treated Group B and 46.15% in the steroid-treated Group A (p <.01) showing continued improvement.”

Conclusion of Study

Bhattacharya et. al further stated in the study: “amniotic fluid injections present an excellent, safe, and longer lasting alternative for treating osteoarthritis due to its cushioning effect similar to hyaluronic acid and its anti-inflammatory and regenerative components.”

How do amniotic injection products compare to traditional forms of treatment for osteoarthritis?

This article from The American Academy of Pain Medicine shows excellent comparisons of amniotic fluid injections versus traditional hyaluronic treatments and shows the favored option to be the amniotic fluid treatment. While the preferred treatment option of receiving hyaluronic (HA) injections has been the standard for years, it still proves to be inconclusive as to whether there are any actual beneficial effects on the osteoarthritis condition. Furthermore, studies show that curcumin is an excellent complementary treatment for arthritis, as a natural remedy for inflammation. Osteoarthritis is a very common joint disease and is characterized by the breakdown of cartilage. Prolonged degradation of the joint tissues exacerbates the problem and most current therapies are only masking the pain of OA. (The American Academy of Pain Medicine, 2015)

Amniotic fluid injections present an excellent option for the treatment of osteoarthritis. As more research is presented we will better understand the mechanisms of success behind these treatments. Regenerative medicine is proving to be a key component of patient care and successful outcomes for conditions that have had little progress in recent decades. As confidence in these treatment options increases we will see treatments like amniotic fluid and amniotic tissue injections become the front-line therapy of choice in main stream medical practice.

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