Neck pain can be caused by many things including wear and tear or trauma. There are many structures that can cause pain, including bad discs, pinched nerves, arthritic or damaged facet joints, loose ligaments, or weak muscles. Thus, it is important that your physician identifies and treats many of these structures at the same time, rather than trying to find one thing causing pain. Why? Our research shows that if we precisely inject amniotic fluid into many damaged structures we get much better results.

During Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®, your physician will use precise image guidance to inject amniotic fluid into the exact areas of damage in your neck and beyond to treat the underlying cause of neck pain. The amniotic fluid will target the inflammation and then begin to promote the body’s own healing process to reduce the pain and inflammation in the neck. Best of all, your downtime will be a fraction of surgery, with little to no need for pain medications or time off of work. Call our patient care coordinators today start your healing today!

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