Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® provides a non-surgical option for many suffering from pain and loss of function due to a back or spinal injury.

Nearly everyone’s spinal discs show signs of wear as they age. Not everyone, however, will have degenerative disc disease. This condition is not actually a disease, but is a condition in which a damaged disc causes pain. A wide range of symptoms and severity is associated with this condition and several factors can cause discs to degenerate, including age. There are three common factors include: 1. The drying out of the disc. When we are born, the disc is about 80 percent water. As we age, the disc dries out and doesn’t absorb shocks as well. 2. Daily activities and sports, which cause tears in the outer core of the disc. By age 60, most people have some degree of disc degeneration. Not everyone at that age has back pain, however. 3. Injuries, which can cause swelling, soreness and instability. This can result in low back pain.

During Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®, your physician will use precise image guidance to inject amniotic fluid into the exact areas of damage around the disc. The amniotic fluid will target the inflammation and then begin to promote your body’s healing process to decrease pain and inflammation surrounding the disc. Best of all, your downtime will be a fraction of surgery, with little to no need for pain medications or time off of work. Call our patient care coordinators today to divide and conquer your back pain!

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