Have you been told that surgery is your only option to repair your labral tear in your shoulder? Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® is a non-surgical, precise image-guided injection of amniotic fluid into the tear. This procedure provides a better option than invasive surgery and allows you to avoid a lengthy recovery.

The labrum is the lip around the socket of the main shoulder joint. A shoulder labral tear can be caused by a direct injury to the shoulder or as the result of prolonged wear and tear. The common surgical intervention for labral tears often involves an invasive procedure where the biceps tendon is disconnected and reattached at another location. These surgeries, moreover, often don’t lead to better mobility and function while recovery is long, painful, and requires extensive physical therapy.

Instead of getting your shoulder torn apart and rebuilt, why not let your body heal itself by utilizing Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®.

Your physicians will use image guidance to inject amniotic fluid into the exact areas to rebuild and regenerate the damaged labrum tissue. Best of all, your downtime will be a fraction of surgery, with little to no need for pain medications or time off of work. Call our physician referral coordinators today to get started on your path to recovery!

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