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Stem Cell Recruitment® Ocular

Stem Cell Recruitment® Ocular utilizes a human amniotic membrane, which forms the the innermost layer of the placenta tissue. The thin and avascular membrane acts as a protective barrier for the development fetus. Its properties provide a wide variety of potential benefits in regenerative medicine.

Protective Covering: The membrane sheet provides a protective covering that aids in wound management.

Immunogenicity: The amniotic membrane has unique immunological properties, which will not trigger immune rejection.

Scaffold: The extracellular matrix acts as a scaffolding and potentiates the migration and adhesion of resident cells.

Growth Factors: Natural cytokines in the membrane aid in its regenerative and protective traits.

Multiple studies have shown that the use of amniotic membrane sheets in surgical or in-office procedures aid in healing and protection of the eye. The amniotic membrane has natural therapeutic actions that help damage eye surfaces heal faster. Eyes treated with amniotic membranes have shown quicker healing, less pain, less scarring and less inflammation.

The amniotic membrane is thin and clear likes the tissue on the surface of the eye. It is used to replace damaged tissue on the surface of your eye and provide protection.