Have you been told that your knee pain is caused by a torn meniscus and that a meniscectomy will relieve your knee pain and restore function? Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy offers a non-surgical option for treating meniscus tears that utilizes amniotic fluid to recruit your body’s own stem cells and repairing agents to rebuild and regenerate the damage to your meniscus.

Meniscus tears are as common as wrinkles and these tears do not necessarily cause knee pain. Meniscectomy, a surgery in which a portion of the meniscus is cut away, is a surgery that harms the integrity of the knee and may greatly increase the occurrence of osteoarthritis. What’s more, many patients are not completely satisfied with their results and continue to report pain following surgery.

During Stem Cell Recruitment, your physician will use image guidance to inject amniotic fluid into the exact areas of the damaged meniscus to help repair tears and to tighten loose tendons and ligaments to improve function while reducing or eliminating pain. Call our physician referral coordinators today to get started on your path to recovery!

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