Do you have gum recession around your teeth? Does the exposure of the root of your tooth cause you pain or sensitivity? Gingival (gum) recession can be caused by many things–periodontitis, aggressive tooth brushing habits, other diseases, or even age. Often times, dentist will take tissue from the roof of your mouth and then stitch it over the area of recession. This treatment can be painful, aggressive, and often needs excessive healing time of not one, but two sites.

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy for gingival augmentation eliminates the need for a donor site at the roof of your mouth and utilizes Vivaderm™ to place on top of the area of recession. Vivaderm™ is a dermis membrane that contains antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents, providing a matrix highly rich in protein to help recruit cells to the area of the defect.

Vivaderm™ contains biological compents to help regenerate gum tissue in the area of recession. Contact our physician referral coordinators today to be referred to your local dentist for treatment of your gingival recession!

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