In a recent study published by the Journal of Hand Surgery Global Online, the efficacy and safety of treating trigger finger with amniotic fluid therapy was assessed. All participants had 1mL of amniotic fluid injected into the tendon sheath. Patients were followed for an average of 11 months with a pain score (0-10) decrease from 5.19 to 1.19. Additionally, median triggering per day decreased from 5 to 0. Patients reported a decrease from 20 to 6.03 in the DASH (Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand) score. This study suggests that amniotic fluid therapy injections may offer a conservative treatment option for trigger finger.

Trigger finger - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic


Source: Michael T. Quinet, Maya Raghavan, Emily Morris, Tyler Smith, Haley Cook, Nathan Walter, Michael Shuler, Effectiveness of Amniotic Fluid Injection in the Treatment of Trigger Finger: A Pilot Study, Journal of Hand Surgery Global Online, Volume 2, Issue 5, 2020, Pages 301-305, ISSN 2589-5141,