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The Acumed story begins in Butler, NJ, where Mary and Randy Huebner founded Accurate Machine and Design, also known as Acumed. With only one machinist on staff, Acumed was contracted to engineer implant prototypes for some of the biggest names in the industry.

After relocating to Oregon in 1991, Acumed launched its first line of arthroscopy screws intended for ACL ligaments and haven’t looked back since. The successes of the Oregon Fixation Screw allowed Acumed to research, design, and manufacture the majority of its products while adding new lines each year. In 1999, Acumed became a member of The Marmon Group and subsequently, in 2002, a member of the Colson Associates group of companies.

Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, with a global distribution network and offices worldwide, Acumed is a multi-award-winning company dedicated to innovative and quality medical device solutions. Acumed is committed to the highest standards of manufacturing and proudly produce over 90% of its implants in the U.S.

Throughout its history, Acumed has remained focused on the founders’ original vision of providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of the whole healthcare community, including hospitals, surgeons, and patients.

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