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As a doctor, your first business is seeing to your patients. We know you don’t have time to focus on sales. That’s why we provide physicians who are members of Russell Health’s Marketing Program with more than just products. When you partner with Russell Health, you will gain extensive marketing support and in-office marketing materials.

How It Works

The Russell Health Marketing Program allows patients to be connected with local physicians who are performing Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™. Russell Health’s marketing department will be running multiple marketing campaigns on different social media and search engine platforms. These campaigns will inform people who are struggling from various disorders of the benefits they could receive from Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™. 

Marketing Support

In-Office Marketing Materials

When you join the Russell Health Marketing Program, you will receive a package of in- office marketing materials, including posters, brochures and information to promote the products on your website. If there is a specific marketing piece you are interested in, simply let us know and we will see how we can help.

In-Office Marketing Materials
Advertising and Outside Marketing
Lead Generation

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