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Traumatic wounds are typically defined as cuts, lacerations or puncture wounds which have caused damage to both the skin and underlying tissues. Due to the severity of traumatic wounds and their vast range of causes, treatment can either be as simple as cleaning and dressing the wound, or it can be more extensive and require surgical intervention to close the wound and stabilize the patient. The treatment of traumatic wounds involves repairing damage to the body’s underlying tissue structures, removing any foreign particles and allowing for drainage of the wounds. All of these steps are essential to prevent the possibility of infection and to promote healing.

Recruitment Therapy may utilize placental tissue allograft injection or a placental membrane. The placental tissue injection and placental membrane containing multiple layers of the placental membrane retains many of the cytokines, growth factors, extracellular components. These biological components create cell communication signals that the body uses to heal, protect and grow new, healthy tissue within the traumatic wound.

During Recruitment Therapy®, your physician will inject human tissue allograft or lay a placental membrane directly on the site of the traumatic wound. The placental membrane will migrate into the wound margins and being to promote the body’s own healing process using components within your blood to help rebuild and regenerate new, healthy granulation tissue within the wound bed.

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