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Burn injuries can be caused by fires, hot liquids or steam, contact with a hot object or agent like grease or tar, chemicals, or electricity. Physicians evaluate a burn injury based on two factors: how deep the burn is and the burn size which is measured by the percent total body surface area (% TBSA). The burn depth depends on how hot the agent was and how long the burned area was in contact with the agent and how thick the skin is in the area. There are three levels of a burn injury: first degree, second degree and third degree.

Recruitment Therapy may utilize a placental membrane. These products don’t require daily dressing changes and can be left in place until the wound heals. This can make pain control much easier and may decrease anxiety about wound care. The placental membrane retains many of the cytokines, growth factors, extracellular components. These biological components create cell communication signals that the body uses to heal, protect and grow new, healthy tissue within the burn.

During Recruitment Therapy®, your physician will inject acellular human placental tissue or lay a placental membrane directly on the site of the burn. The placental tissue or placental membrane will migrate into the burn area and begin to promote the body’s own healing process using components found within the blood to help rebuild and regenerate new, healthy skin tissue within the burn.

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