Growth Factors in Amniotic Fluid

Our regenerative medicine products are processed with an advanced technique that preserves the natural structure and integrity of the many important biological components, including a number of potent growth factors found in amniotic fluid.

What are growth factors, and what do they do?

Growth factors are proteins that stimulate cellular growth, proliferation, healing, and so much more. Here are a few of the POWERFUL GROWTH FACTORS found in our regenerative products:

bFGF “Basic fibroblast growth factor”—this is a signaling protein encoded by a gene that assists in cell growth and maturation, and tissue repair

EGF “Epidermal Growth Factor”—this element stimulates rapid multiplicationdifferentiation and survival of epidermal and dermal skin cells during wound healing and skin regeneration

KGF “Keratinocyte Growth Factor”—KFG is involved in the skin repair; it recruits special cells to form the epithelial layer that heals wound

PDGF “Platelet Derived Growth Factors”—this group of growth factors are implicated in tissue remodeling and is necessary for cellular division of special cells called fibroblasts that aid in wound healing

TGF “Transforming Growth Factor”—TGF helps with the specialization and movement of cells, proliferation, and activation of many immune cells essential for healing and maintaining healthy tissue